BAL Green Star 10litre

Product Description


A white, ready-mixed ceramic wall tile (up to 300mm x 300mm) adhesive suitable for use in interior dry and intermittently wet service conditions. This tile adhesive can be used in domestic showers and on a variety of backgrounds including plasterboard, plaster, cement, sand rendering, existing ceramic tiles, paint and tile backerboards.

BAL 25 year guarantee

15kg TUB (10 litres)

Colour White

use with Ceramics/mosaics/some natural stone

Easy to Apply

Non Slip

Average Coverage 5m2

Excellent non slip
High Bond Strength
at 3mm thickness, this tub will cover 6.0M2 in dry areas, 5m2 in intermittent wet areas
For domestic bathrooms/kitchens
Grout after 24 hours

1 unit = 1 x 10 litre  tub BAL Green Star Tile Adhesive


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