CT1 Sealant & Construction/Marine Adhesive Grey x 12

Product Description

CT1 UNIQUE SEALANT & CONSTRUCTION ADHESIVE - 1 box of Grey (12 cartridges)


The ultimate development in bonding and sealing. Indoor and Outdoor.  CT1 offers a unique adhesion on virtually any material without the need for additional fixing. 

Does the job first time, every time! CAN BE USED ON DRY, DAMP OR WET SURFACES EVEN UNDERWATER 

Used in production industries such as Marine, Aviation and Motor.



Also available as singles, packs of 6 or packs of 12 in the following colours:

White, Clear (Completely Translucent), Black



Will successfully bond: Metals (including lead), Glass, Mirrors, Wood, Polystyrene, Concrete, All stones (without staining), Most synthetic materials, Fibreglass, Plastics (excluding polypropylene), Excellent resistance to chemicals



Features of CT1:



Does not shrink

Unique flexibility

Can be painted

Contains no solvent

Contains no isocyanates

Environmentally friendly

Excellent resistance to chemicals


Prevents bacteria growth 

UV resistant 

Excellent resistance to vibration



Remains usable for up to 18 months in the tube                    



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1 unit = 12 x 290ml tube Grey


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