Sikaflex - EBT Brown

Product Description

Sikaflex - EBT is a multiuse sealant, filler adhesive - All three in one product!

This product is permanently elastic and flexible when cured and bonds externally and internally to all building materials, including concrete, brick, mortar, wood, metals, glass, resins and plastics.

Sikaflex EBT is flexible & elastic, waterproof, fast curing.    It is a high performing product that has a strong bond, high grab and non sag properties.

Uses include:-

Fixtures in bathrooms & kitchens - cabinets, shower trays, mirrors, ceramic tiles, fittings

Fixing & Sealing of roof tiles, flashings and gutters

Fixing & Sealing architrave, skirting, pannelling, mouldings, acoustic tiling

Fixing & Sealing door and window frames

Filling & Sealing internal/external cracks

Flexible draught proofing

Gaskets for ducting, flanges, crimping & interlocking surfaces

Aluminium fabrication and shop fitting


This product comes in a 300ml catridge.

1 unit = 1 x 300ml cartridge of Sikaflex EBT

Colour: Brown



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