Underfloor Heating Mat 8 sqm

Product Description

Warmfloor TwinMat 160 WFS heating mat is applied as both a primary and secondary heating system. This system can be easily laid into a thin layer of tile adhesive (5-10mm). The Ultra adhesive strength of the mat further increases installation efficiency and accuracy. The system can be used under any covering of your choice: Tile, marble, laminate and carpet.

It is applicable for all types of premises and can be easily installed on both new and existing floor surfaces. The new flagship WFS heating system has been designed around the professionals needs.

The WFS heating mat is constructed with a 3mm shielded double-core cable, fixed on the fibre mesh. The WFS heating mat comes complete with a 2m cold lead, advanced coupling and end termination.  You will require a thermostat for this mat.

Thanks to the cable fixation on the ultra-self-adhesive mesh – there is no need to adjust the wire spacing and to fix the cable on the floor surface.  Due to the single connection wire, ultra-adhesive properties and 3mm cable diameter, installation is simplified and more efficient.

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1 unit = 1 x TwinMat 160 - WFS 3mm dis. Twin Core @ 160 watts/sqm


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