BAL bond SBR Primer - 1 litre

Product Description

Bal bond SBR is a multi-purpose Bonding & Priming Agent for Walls and Floors.

This product can be used as a surface primer for plaster/screed/timber/vinyl.

This product is also an admixture for screeding/rendering mortars, bricklaying and pointing and for repairs.   It enhances physical properties/performance of mortars including adhesion, durability, flexibility, waterproofing and workability.   It also permits feather edging of repair mortars.

Bal Bond SBR promotes increased bond strength/waterproofing/performance properties and prepares tiling backgrounds/substrates.

Priming: before the fixing on timber, plaster, screeds, renderings, vinyl tiles

Slurry coat: cement or plaster mix.

For use in most interior and exterior locations.   Can be used in dry and wet environments including swimming pools.

Coverage:    As a primer, this 1 litre bottle is typically sufficient for:-

Undiluted for timber/vinyl: 12m2

Diluted for plaster (1:4 water): 60m2

1 unit = 1 x 1 litre bottle BAL bond SBR Primer 

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