Tilemaster TA Flexmaster Flexible Additive

Product Description
Tilemaster Flexmaster Additive & Primer
Flexmaster is a multi purpose flexible additive and primer.  As a flexible additive, Flexmaster will increase the adhesion, flexiblity and durability of Tilemaster cement based adhesives and grouts whilst also improving their resistance to water.  Flexmaster is sold undiluted and as a result can be adapted/diluted to meet site requirements.
As a primer, Flexmaster is designed to prime, seal and stabilise the substrate prior to applying Tilemaster cement based products.  Flexmaster increases the adhesion and prolongs the working time of tile adhesives and self levelling compounds.  Flexmaster is suitable for use on both absorbent and non absorbent surfaces, internally and externally.
COVERAGE: 1 litre diluted 3 parts water to 1 part Flexmaster = 40 square metres
PACK SIZES: 1litre, 2.5litre, 5litre
As a Flexible Additive -
Increases the flexibility and adhesion of adhesives and grouts
Improves the durability and water repellence of adhesives and grouts
Can be added to any adhesive or grout within the Tilemaster range
As a Primer -
Suitable for absorbent and non absorbent surfaces
Primes, seals and stabilises surfaces
Increases the adhesion of cement based products
Water based
Prolongs the working time of tile adhesives and self levelling compounds
Sand/cement screed Plywood Concrete Chipboard Flooring grade Asphalt & Bitumen Floorboards Anhydrite Screeds Gypsum Plaster Existing tiles Plasterboard Underfloor Heated screeds Cement/Sand render Vinyl Tiles/Sheets Concrete Brick/Block Steel/Metal Tilebacker Boards Fibre cement sheets
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1 unit = 1 x 1 Litre (the smallest bottle as shown in the image)

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