Euro Scrim Plasterboard Jointing Tape 100mm x 90mtr

Product Description


Euro Scrim is a high tack self-adhesive, fibreglass re-enforced plasterers tape which is uniquely coloured to differentiate it from the many low quality tapes on the market. For joint finishing, crack and hole repairs. Eliminates the need for pre plastering. Flexible to prevent bubbling or blistering.

Popular choice for Professional Plasterers!

Super Scrim plasterers tape has a pressure sensitive adhesive for joint finishing, crack and hole repairs in drywall and plasterboard.


Surfaces must be clean, dry and free from dust or grease.

Apply tape to joint or crack, pressing down firmly to ensure good adhesion.

For crack and hole repairs, the tape must extend at least 25mm from the edge of the area to be repaired.

IMPORTANT - Never overlap tape, always butt joint.

When applying plaster or jointing compound, ensure plaster penetrates through the tape to achieve optimum adhesion.

Polite note to all customers - apologies for the steep price increase on this particular product.   This is due to a new punitive E.C. import tax on Fibreglass based products from the Far East which necessitates a very steep and immediate increase.   Apologies once again.

1 unit = 1 x roll of Everbuild Euro Scrim Plasterboard Jointing Tape 100mm x 90m (not 48mm as image)


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