All Purpose Powder Filler 1.5kg with 20% Extra Free

Product Description

Everbuild All Purpose Powder Filler with added PVA for extra strength is a high strength filler in powder form which easily mixes with water to form a creamy lump free paste that is the ideal choice for most decorating repairs.

Everbuild All Purpose Powder Filler dries hard in about 1 hour to a smooth sandable finish.   Due to high levels of added PVA powder, this filler will not shrink or crack and is strong enough to accept nails or screws.

Everbuild All Purpose Powder Filler can be used on internal repairs to plaster, plasterboard, brick, render, wood, stone and most other building materials.   NOTE: when used externally, always overpaint with primer and good quality non-microporous oil based paint when dry.

This filler is normally sandable and overpaintable after approximately one hour.   Once dry, sand to a smooth finish.   This filler may be painted, papered or stained when dry.

1 unit = 1 x 1.5kg box with 20% extra free (1.8kg in total) Everbuild All Purpose Powder Filler



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