Beava Mosaic Mesh x6 Sheets (0.54sqm)

Product Description

Beava Mosaic Mesh Sheets are high grabbing self adhesive stiffening mesh sheets to make mosaic fixing easy.

Without Mosaic Mesh sheets, mosiac tiles are floppy, unwieldy and prone to slippage.   Mosaic Mesh is a simple, rigid plastic mesh with a self-adhesive backing.  Simply stick it to the underside of your mosaic sheet and it gives complete support during tiling.   Mosaic Mesh is supplied in a 300 x 300 mm size to suit most mosaic sheets.   At just 3mm thick, it adds practically and extra depth should this be useful to match to other tiles.   It can easily be cut with a knife or scissors.

Mosiac Mesh make mosaic fixing quick and easy and can save you hours of painstaking work.    Suitable and useful to both the professional and DIYer.

1 unit = 6 sheets = 0.54sqm area.

Size of each sheet 300 x 300mm

If you require just one or two sheets, these are sold at £1.50 including VAT in our store.  Please call 01706 231368 if you would like to place an order for less than 1 sqm of mosaic mesh sheets.