Everbuild 500 Silicone Sealant - White

Product Description


Everbuild's 500 Silicone Sealant is a high modulus acetoxy curing silicone sealant that contains a powerful anti-fungal compound to prevent mould & fungal growth in areas of high humidity

Conforms to BS5889(B) and ISO 11600


sealing around all types of baths
sealing around shower trays
Expansion joint and corner joint sealing of ceramic tiles
Sealing around sanitary fittings in domestic and municipal applications
General sealing in areas subject to high humidity levels
As an adhesive on cosmetic bath and shower trim

Coverage of Everbuild 500 Silicone Sealant - approximately 11 linear metres for a 6mm diameter bead.

Colour - White

Other colours available - Translucent, Ivory,

1 unit = 1 x tube Everbuild Everflex 500


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