KeraKoll Bio Gel No Limits Tile Adhesive Grey 20kg

Product Description

KeraKoll BioGel No Limits Tile Adhesive

Exclusive KeraKoll structural flexible multi-purpose tile adhesive-gel for bonding all types of material, on all substrates, and for all use, even in extreme conditions. Eco-friendly.

Features and Advantages:-

Double Open Time
Non Slip
Water Resistant
Frost Risk Reduced
No Shrinkage
Absorbs Dynamic loads

Adhesive Thickness from 2mm to 15mm

Pot Life:-

Grey: 8 hours
White: 6 hours

Foot Traffic/grouting of joints at +23 degrees C:-

Grey: 24 hours
White: 20 hours

Eco Notes:

Formulated with locally-sourced minerals meaning lower greenhouse gas emission during transportation.
Contains recyled minerals thereby reducing the damage to the environment caused by extracting pure raw materials.
Single-component; avoiding the use of plastic cans reduces CO2 emissions and the need to dispose of special waste.

1 unit = 1 x 20kg bag Grey Kerakoll Biogel No Limits Tile Adhesive