Level It FX Bulk Buy - 40 x 25kg bags FREE delivery

Product Description
Instarmac's Ultra Tile Level IT FX is a single part concrete floor leveller featuring our specially formulated fibre technology.  This high strength, rapid curing and drying cementitious smoothing and levelling compound provides a strong, sound and even base.
Polymer modified
Protein free
Shrinkage compensated
Non crack formulation
Suitable for underfloor heating
The formulation incorporates fibres, specially graded fillers, cements and polymers with a rapid curing profile.
Level It FX is mixed with clean cold water to give a free flowing product that can be applied from 3mm to 75mm in one application. A high inherent strength makes it ideal for preparing subfloors prior to installation of tiling materials whilst its flow characteristics give a smoothness suitable for bonding of carpets, wood flooring, vinyl and other resilient floorings in areas ranging from residential to heavy commercial projects.
Suitable substrates include concrete, sand/cement screeds, flooring grade plywood overboarding (minimum 15mm), cement faced tile backer boards, epoxy surface Damp Proof Membranes (DPM) and calcium sulphate screeds.
Level It FX is suitable for use over heated screeds where the heating has been fully commissioned (for other underfloor heating systems please contact Instarmac for advice). All subfloors must be protected from subground moisture by the incorporation of a constructional base DPM. 
A 25Kg bag will cover:
• approximately 5m² when applied at a 3mm depth
• approximately 3m² when applied at 5mm depth
• approximately 1m² when applied at 15mm depth
1 unit = 40 x 25kg Instarmac Level It FX

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