Level It Super 30 2 part Levelling Compound x 30 Free Delivery

Product Description
Ultra Floor Level IT SUPER30 is a high specification, high strength, rapid dryingand curing two part cementitious smoothing underlayment. It consists of apowdered component incorporating a blend of high specifications cements, withgraded fillers and additives and a pre-gauged polymer liquid.
The two components are mixed to provide a rapid setting and curing, free
flowing smoothing underlayment for smoothing strong, sound internal floors,prior to the application of decorative floor coverings. Its rapid set and curingprofile enables decorative floor coverings to be loose laid in as little as 45minutes (unbonded textiles) and fully bonded in just 3 hours after application.This makes it an ideal choice for use in areas where it is necessary to carryout installations in a short timeframe. This includes “Lay in a Day” projects andhighly used areas such as corridors, atriums and lobby areas. 
Level IT Super30's protein free formulation means it is ideal for use in biologically sensitive areas. It can be used on a variety of subfloors, and is suitable for use where warm water underfloor heating is incorporated.
Level IT SUPER30 can be applied between thicknesses of 2-15mm. Its
initial set is approximately 15 minutes with a walk on time of 30 minutes. It is necessary to maintain a wet edge between mixes so working practices should be adjusted accordingly, to ensure this can be achieved within the products open time. Applications up to 5mm thick can normally receive floor coverings after approximately 3 hours (based on good ambient conditions).
• Rapid curing
• 30 minute walk on time
• Bonded floor coverings after 3 hours
• Extremely smooth finish
• Loose lay in 45 minutes (unbonded textiles)
• Protein free
Applied Coverage Consumption
Thickness Per Unit (approx) Per 100m2 Area
3mm 5.0m2 20 bags
5mm 3.1m2 33 bags
10mm 1.5m2 64 bags
Coverage is for guidance only based on a smooth, non absorbent subfloor. Substrate texture and absorbency can affect consumption variations. As with all raw materials, colour variation may occur. Please note that this does not affect the consistency or characteristics of the product
1 unit = 1 x Level It Super 30 20kg bag plus 1 x Level It Super 30 bottle liquid 4lt

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