Level It Two Levelling Compound (2 Part) x 48 FREE DELIVERY

Product Description
Level IT Two is a general purpose, mid strength two part smoothing
underlayment. Its exceptional flow characteristics make it a very easy
smoothing underlayment to apply to a variety of subfloors in both commercial and domestic flooring projects. It consists of a powder, incorporating a blend of cements, along with graded fillers and additives and a pre-gauged protein free liquid polymer component.The two components are mixed to provide a free flowing smoothing underlayment for preparing a variety of internal subfloors prior to the installation of decorative floor coverings. It is a protein free formulation and is suitable for use in biologically sensitive areas.
Level IT Two is suitable for use over a wide variety of flooring substrates
including sand/cement screeds, concrete, calcium sulphate screeds, flooring grade asphalt, porcelain, ceramic, quarry and terrazzo floors, epoxy Damp Proof Membranes, screwed and fixed 15mm and thicker flooring grade plywood.It is also ideal for applications onto heated screed and projects where radiant electrical Undertile heating systems (on screeded, concrete or cement faced backer boards only) are utilised.
Level IT Two can be applied at depths between 2 and 12mm. For deeper
sections up to a maximum of 30mm, it is necessary to bulk out with a suitable graded aggregate filler. This can drastically prolong curing times so allowances must be made accordingly.
It has a typical working time of 20 to 30 minutes and a walk on time of
approximately 2.5 hours. A 3mm application of Level IT Two allows most
floor coverings to be laid in as little as 12 hours (all based on good ambient conditions). Level IT Two has a moisture tolerant formulation making it suitable for presmoothing of floors prior to applications of surface DPMs.
Summary for Level It Two General Purpose Two Part Smoothing Compound
Ready to receive floor coverings after 12 hours
Superior flow
Moisture tolerant
Low odour
Protein free
20kg Bag & 4lt Bottle
1 unit = 48 x 20KG Bag of Ultra's Level It Two & 40 x 4LT bottle Level It Two protein free liquid polymer component

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