LTP Porcelain Tile Protector 1 Litre

Product Description

LTP Porcelain Tile Protector has been specially formulated for use on textured external porcelain tiles to protect the surface from grout and organic materials marking the tiles.  Porcelain paving does not need sealing, however the textured surface can make removing grout residues and marks difficult.   This water based pre-grout treatment does not affect the colour or finish of the tiles, but creates an invisible protective barrier.

Ensure surface is completely clean and dry.  Shake bottle before use.  Before grouting, apply evenly to the surface using a paint brush, foam roller or light pressure sprayer.  Allow to dry for 30 minutes.  Apply a second coat.  Leave to cure for a minimum of 1 hour before grouting.  Once grouting is dry and all residues have been removed, a further coat of protector can be applied covering the joints as well.


1 unit = 1 x LTP Porcelain Tile Protector 1 L