LTP Stone Oil 1L

Product Description

Here we have a new edition to the excellent quality range of LTP products that we offer.


LTP Stone Oil is an easy to apply oil based impregnating sealer ideal for low porosity stone & terracotta. This Stone Oil enhances the colour and texture of floors.


LTP Stone Oil offers good mechanical strength once cured. Surfaces sealed with LTP Stone Oil are normally finished with LTP Clear Wax. Maintain surfaces sealed with LTP Clear Wax with LTP Waxwash on floors and LTP Stonewash on walls.

Tips: Oil based sealer enhances colour and texture of stone floors.
Oil based pre-polished sealer.
For porous stone & terracotta.
Aids to enhance Black Limestone.
For interior & exterior use.
Coverage:- per 10sqm - Lower porosity floors - approximately 1 litre
                                            Medium porosity floors - approximately 2 litres
1 unit = 1 x LTP Stone Oil 1 Litre

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