LTP Waxwash - 1 litre

Product Description

LTP Waxwash is a specially formulated cleaner for use on un-glazed tiles such as travertine, stone, terracotta, slate and quarry tiles. The gentle cleaning action of LTP Waxwash makes it ideal for washing unsealed floors and those sealed with LTP Mattstone, LTP Colour Intensifier, LTP MPG Sealer or LTP Beeswax. This liquid soap contains linseed oil and needs no rinsing after use.

LTP Waxwash has a fresh, clean fragrance and is suitable for use on both sealed and un-sealed floors. It is ideal for use on floors that are protected with LTP Mattstone, LTP Colour Intensifier, LTP MPG Sealer, LTP Linseed Oil and LTP Beeswax.

Coverage: 1 litre of LTP Waxwash should be sufficient to wash an average floor of 20m2 approx 40 times

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1 unit = 1 x 1 litre bottle


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