Maxi Grout Xtra maxigrout 5kg Grey

Product Description

Maxigrout Xtra for Walls and Floors is a polymer modified flexible grout suitable for joints between tiles up to 20mm.

When cured it is water resistant and suitable for internal and external use.

This product is suitable for use in kitchens and bathrooms, and also suitable for use in wet areas including swimming pools and showers.

Suitable for grouting a variety of tiles such as ceramics, slate, quarries, porcelain, limestone, marble, terrazzo, and mosaics subject to slight movement or vibration on a variety of surfaces.

Maxigrout Xtra is suitable for underfloor heating.   Allow 48 hours for the grout to set before introducing heat gradually.

Coverage dependent upon tile size and joint width.   Example, coverage using a 5 kg bag with 330 x 330 x 10mm tile size at 5mm joint width = 10m2


1 unit = 1 x 5kg bags of Maxi Grout Xtra


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