McAlpine Q10 40mm 1 1/2 Shallow Bath Trap

Product Description

McAlpine Q10 40mm 1 1/2 Shallow Bath Trap

 Trap Outlets (Multifit)

For use with Plastic Pipes to BS5254 and BS5255, Copper Pipe (metric or imperial) and Lead pipe. Fit as follows:

1) Chamfer inside of pipe (if required) to remove any burr or to enable Plastic Pipe to be eased over internal sleeve.

2) Remove Nut, Plastic Washer and Rubber Olive from Trap

3) Push Nut, Plastic Washer and Rubber Olive over pipe

4) Push Pipe over Internal Sleeve and Into Trap

5) Connect Nut and hand tighten

If plastic pipe is undersize, or out of shape, end of pipe may require to be heated to enable it to be pushed over the internal sleeve and into the Trap (or Fitting).

The above details refer to Traps manufactured principally for the UK market although these Traps can be used in other markets where the Waste Outlets and Waste Pipe are manufactured to British Standards.

A comprehensive range of Traps is available for other markets. Detailed information for country or Geographical Area is available on application.

Waste Traps and Waste Pipes

Building Regulations require that all points of discharge into a drainage system should be fitted with a trap (e.g. a water seal trap) to prevent foul air from the system entering the building. Under working and test conditions traps should retain a minimum seal of 25mm of water or equivalent.

Installation Requirements

All Traps, Waste Pipe, Waste Fittings and Soil Fittings When Installed in Buildings should be installed in compliance With:

1) The Building Regulations 2000 (as amended) England and Wales.

2) The Building Standards (Scotland) Regulations 1990 (as amended).

3) The Building regulations (Northern Ireland) 2000.

Alternatively the relevant recommendations of BS EN 12056 should be followed.


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