Mexco 7mm Quality Porcelain Tile Drill Bit A10VBDB7

Product Description
This range of drill bits offer unrivalled performance and cost per cut when drilling the hardest of man-made and natural decorative materials. No water is required due to a special wax filling that melts and lubricates whilst drilling. Hex connection ensures non slipping in the chuck. Instructions for Use:- Ensure you are using the correct type of machine for the drilling application and all forms of percussion or hammer action are turned OFF. Without a suction cup guide, place the drill at a 30 degree angle and drill until the drill bit starts to penetrate the material. Once the hold has started to form, bring the drill up into the upright position and continue. As the tile drill starts to work, the heat will cause the wax to melt, lubricating the cutting surface. Periodically remove the bit from the cut to allow cooling. For horizontal drilling minimal pressure is required. For vertical drilling the weight of the machine will give sufficient pressure. Ensure periodic removal of debris from the tip of the bit as a build up of dust and debris will prevent the wax from lubricating the tip and shorten the lifetime of the drill bit considerably. 1 unit = 1x 7mm Mexco Diamond Tipped Drill Bit