Raimondi Levelling System - 250 pack 1.5mm base clips

Product Description
Raimondi 250pcs PACK of 1.5mm Width Standard size BASE Clips for Tile Levelling System Pt.no.RA180BASE250
Genuine Raimondi Product. 
250pcs pack of replacement Base Clips for the Raimondi RLS Tile Levelling System
Provides a 1.5mm Grout Joint
For use with tiles 3 - 12mm thickness  
Tiles can often be difficult to install perfectly level, especially when the floor foundation is slightly uneven and large format, heavy tiles are used. As a result, tiles which seemed level during installation, are found to be uneven once the tile adhesive is set which can compromise the aesthetics of a room. This problem completely solved with the system. The clips and wedges hold the tiles perfectly level. 
Once the adhesive is set the wedges can be removed and the clips are designed to be easily snapped leaving the tiles ready for the grout. This process can also speed up the installation process. Therefore the Raimondi Levelling System (sold under separate listings - clips and wedges) enable tiles to installed easily, quickly and perfectly level.
1 unit = 1 x pack of 250 Base Clips for Raimondi Tile Levelling System

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