Rubi Easy Gress Kit inc 6 & 10mm bits

Product Description

Diamond drill bits always require a very precise guide and a permanent refrigeration by water. The Easy Gres guide, included in all the Easy Gres kits, enables the drilling of holes both in horizontal and vertical position, thanks to the functional design of its water tank. In order to ensure an optimal cooling, the water tank includes a tap to regulate the flow of water. Every kit
includes all the necessary parts to achieve a perfect adjustment between the guide and the different diameters of the drilling bits.
Each kit includes an easy gres guide with removable water tank and a tap to regulate the water flow, the adaptors for the different diameters of the drill bits and 10 or 20 self-adhesive pads to fix the guide to the surface to be drilled whether it is smooth or rough.

Its design allows the drilling of tiles both on walls and on floors quickly and with great precision.

1 unit = 1 x Rubi Easy Gress Kit


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