TA Tilemaster Tanking System

Product Description

TA Tilemaster Tanking System

ta tanking is a waterproof kit for wet rooms, showers, bathrooms, kitchens and areas that are regularly exposed to damp atmospheric conditions. Essentially non-hazardous.

ta tanking, is an advanced waterproof sealing system designed to stabilise and prepare substrates ready for the application of ceramics, porcelain, natural stones and laminates, increasing adhesion, durability, water resistance and strength. The waterproof sealing system produces a barrier to moisture, flexible enough to accommodate slight movement or vibration, which may be expected under normal conditions of use, in and around well constructed structurally stable floors, walls, wet rooms and shower cubicles.

1 pack will cover 6.2 square metres dependent on porosity of substrate.

1 litre of Primeplus, 5kg of tanking paste, 6.50 metres of jointing tape. Pair of gloves.

• Ready to use
• Easy to use
• Stabilises water-sensitive   substrates, ready to apply tiles

• Plaster
• Plaster boards
• Tile backer boards
• Timber
• Suspended floors
• Brick/Block
• Render
• Cement boards
• Plywood Overlays

1 unit = 1 x Tilemaster TA Tanking Kit


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