Tilemaster Anhyfix Tile Adhesive 20kg x 50 bags

Product Description

Anhyfix Tile adhesive is a Gypsum Based, Flexible, Rapid Setting Floor and Wall Tile Adhesive.

AnhyFix is a gypsum based, polymer modified, flexible, rapid setting floor and wall tile adhesive. AnhyFix has been specially formulated for fixing a wide variety of tiles including ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles to gypsum based substrates such as anhydrite screed,calcium sulphate screed and gypsum plaster.

AnhyFix is a flexible adhesive, ideal for fixing tiles to underfloor heatin systems. Its rapid setting capability allows for light foot traffic and grouting after 3 hours.

COVERAGE: 20kg will cover 5 – 6m² at 3mm thin bed application

ADVANTAGES of Anyhyfix:

Developed specially for fixing tiles to anhydrite/calcium sulphate screeds
Flexible, ideal for underfloor heating systems
Ideal for Ceramic, Porcelain and Natural Stone Tiles
Walk on and grout after 3 hours
3mm - 12mm bed depth
100% compatible with anhydrite/calcium sulphate screeds and gypsum based substrates

Porcelain Ceramics Terracotta Quarry Natural Stones Mosaics Composite Quartz

Anhydrite screed Calcium Sulphate screed Gypsum plaster Plasterboard

1 unit = 50 bags of Tilemaster Anhyfix Floor and Wall Tile Adhesive


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