Tilemaster Silicone 3000+ Neutral Curing Sealant Dark Grey

Product Description

Tilemaster Silicone 3000+ 310ml Cartridge (13 Colours available)


Tilemaster Silicone 3000+ is a premium Neutral Cure Mould Resistant high performance silicone sealant.

This sealant is for sealing movement joints in wall and floor tiling installations and for sealing joins between sinks or sanitary ware and ceramic tiles in bathrooms, kitchens, showers and wetrooms.  This sealant is a neutral curing sealant with very good adhesion properties that can be used on a large variety of surfaces including ceramic, glass, porcelain, wood, marble, travertine, limestone, slate, quartz, granite, composite, terracotta, mosaics, quarry, plastic/pvc and many more.  It is flexible and therefore will accommodate movement between the two surfaces.  Silicone3000 also contains anti mould technology and as a result will protect against bacteria and mould growth.  Suitable for interior and exterior use.

It has been specially formulated to match and compliment the grout 3000 colour range.


Tilemaster Silicone 3000+ premium Neutral Cure Mould Resistant high performance silicone sealant is:-

Highly Flexible and has excellent adhesion properties

Non Staining - suitable for use with natural stone tiles including granite and marble (certain types of natural stone may be prone to discolouration or staining with use of silicone sealant.  We recommend testing the silicone before application)

It also protects against mould growth, provides a long lasting water tight seal, is very easy to apply and can be used both internally and externally.  It is solvent free.

Coverage: 8.5 linear metres using a 6mm x 6mm bead size per 310 cartridge.

Forms a skin after 30-60 minutes.

Set time 24 hours at 3mm depth.

Final set time: Allow 3 days before contact with water.


It is available in the following colours:

Jasmine   -   Beige   -   Limestone   -   Sandstone   -   Light Grey   -   Mid Grey   -   Brown   -   Charcoal  - Sage  - Almond  - Cocoa  - Natural Grey   - Dark Grey


1 UNIT = 1 X 310ml Cartridge of Tilemaster Silicone 3000+ (13 Colours available + Clear)


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