UltraTile Flex Joint Flexible Grout Grey 3KG

Product Description

 UltraTile Flex Joint Flexible Grout Grey 3kg

Flexible Wall & Floor Tile Grout - FlexJoint

Ultimate Flexi Grout

The product boasts water repellent and mould resistant properties, providing a hygienic finish for durable results.  A super fine texture allows for easy application and complete joint filling, whilst a stain resistant formulation means that tiles can be wiped clean with ease.  FlexJoint is available in a choice of 8 stylish tones including the latest addition Titanium

Specially designed for areas where movement or vibration is likely to increase flexibility and to provide a virtually impermeable set.  Allows for joints up to 20mm to be grouted in one application.  Suitable for use with most common tile applications including natural stone, porcelain, conglomerate and ceramic wall and floor tiles.  Classified CG2.


1-20mm joint widths 
Kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools, power showers etc 
Water repellent 
Internal & external 
Mould resistant 
Polymer modified 
Under floor heating 
Super fine texture

1 unit = 1 x 3kg bag of Ultra Tile Flex Joint Wall and Floor Tile Grout



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