Wurth Bond + Seal Flexible PU Adhesive - 300ml Black

Product Description

WuRTH Bond + Seal Flexible PU adhesive and sealant has a wide range of uses.    It is suitable for a very wide range of bonded joints and sealing work on base materials such as metal, painted surfaces, wood, stone, concrete and plastic (polyester and hard PVC).

It cures in the presence of moisture and can be rubbed down.  It can be painted over once a skin has formed and does not contain silicone.  It has been authorised for use under food legislation and is suggested for bodyshops, boat and barge builders, horsebox and coachbuilders (any manufacturer that requires an elastic polyurethane adhesive)

Colour: Black also available in grey and white

1 unit = 1 x 300ml tube Wurth Bond + Seal PU Adhesive


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